Oct 25, 2017

Studio Location: imotion fitness operates out of the lower level of the BDC Place at 119 Kent Street and operates in partnership with Atlantic Fitness Centre Downtown.

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imotion fitness Client Testimonials


"Hi, my name is Nicole and TRX has changed my life. I started TRX training last October after battling with hormonal imbalances and depression. TRX is my new best friend.  I've become more positive and energetic and I'm noticing some amazing physical changes too, especially with my legs and core.  TRX is low to no impact, so it doesn't aggravate my achilles tendonitis (yay!). The instructors are amazing!  Stephanie and her team infuse so much positive energy into each class, these ladies make you believe you can do 8 more. Talk about a confidence boost! After each class I feel proud for what I've accomplished. I'm 46 years old this June and had been an average 'gym-goer', but with TRX, I can't wait to go!"

- Nicole Cormier   :-)


I am not sure where to start with telling people how much pre-natal pilates and pre-natal cardio/pilates at IMotionhelped me during my pregnancy.  My two other children, aged almost 5 and almost 3 were both August babies so this was the first time I was very pregnant during the winter months.  I consider myself an active person and I love to be outdoors, so I find the PEI winters difficult even when I am not pregnant.  I found this particular winter harder than ever, dealing with the weather, two pre-schoolers, and the pregnancy felt like a lot.  The pre-natal fitness classes at IMotion were something I looked forward to each week.  I loved the moves that I learned in pilates and I know it helped me be strong for labor and delivery and all the post partum work required once the baby is in arms instead of in utero!  The pre-natal cardio class was almost euphoric, I loved pushing myself physically in a safe environment.  Doing lots of cardio work coupled with weights was excellent.  I gained 10 - 15 pounds less in this pregnancy than the other two and that has made losing the baby weight not such a difficult task.  My labor was just 2 hours and the delivery went well.  I think the fitness level I was able to maintain during the pregnancy really helped me have such a speedy labor, delivery, healthy baby and quick return to fitness post partum.  It also had a huge impact on my mental health.  I absolutely loved working out with other pregnant moms and checking in with them each week.  Stephanie Knickle-Currie has such a fun personality that just being around her with her seemingly boundless energy and encouragement boosted my spirits!  I loved it and I couldn't recommend it highly enough to every pregnant mom I know.  It was the best thing I did during this third pregnancy and I am so thankful to Stephanie for offering the classes.  Thanks again for everything Stephanie!

- Pam Koritansky


In the fall of 2009 I decided to become part of a curling team where two of the members of the team were only 21 years old (I was 46!).  Part of my decision to come out of retirement from competitive curling was I knew that I was physically in great condition as I had been working with Stephanie on the reformer and in pilates for over 10 years.  After 9 days of high intensity curling the team from Prince Edward Island made history as the first team from PEI to play in the Scotties final.  I am confident that I would not have been able to be part of the 2010 Canadian Silver Medalist team at the Scotties if I did not have the strength and flexibility that I have gained with my pilates training.

- Skip, Kathy O'Rourke


Since having children I have been on the hunt for a type of workout that gives me a full body workout that is also challenging.  TRX fits the bill for me perfectly.  I can get my workout done in 45 minutes but feel like I have been working out for 2 hours.  Stephanie's TRX classes are challenging and fun.  She is constantly trying out new moves and her excitement for TRX translates throughout the class.  Since starting TRX classes earlier this year I have noticed a marked difference in not only my fitness level but my strength as well.  TRX has made me a stronger runner and, more importantly, made me feel stronger and more confident.
- Bev Gerg


I just can’t express enough how far I’ve progressed in strengthening my core, regaining proper posture and flexibility after my experience with lower back and sciatica nerve issues.  If it weren’t for the wonderful Imotion Team, I would not be able to function with an ordinary day to day routine.

Thanks for everything!

- Krisanne Butler

(B.T.W.- practitioners are always amazed at how far I can lift my leg!!!)


I have been the poster child for being unfit... I have severe problems with my knees, moderate back and wrist problems as well as a heart condition. Few would want to take on the challenge of trying to get me more fit. The first step was my determination to avoid a knee replacement in the near future. My next step was a conversation with Stephanie and the rest is history. I am a testament to the fact that you do not have to be an athlete to benefit from a program with iMotion fitness. Anything is possible with the support of staff at iMotion.
-  Elizabeth Tumblin