Sep 28, 2020

Studio Location: imotion fitness operates out of the lower level of the BDC Place at 119 Kent Street and operates in partnership with Atlantic Fitness Centre Downtown.

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Class Name: Pre-Natal Pilates
Location: imotion fitness room
Class description:

A class for pregnant clients of any gestation and fitness level. Pre-natal Pilates is the best exercise choiceduring pregnancy because it strengthens the most important muscles women will use during pregnancy and labor. Pilates exercises build abdominal, back and pelvic muscles that support more comfortable pregnancies and deliveries. Pre-natal Pilates exercises are much preferred because they can be adapted to one's own abilities. This class uses various resistance props such as flexbands and toning balls and the Edge and the BOSU.

Some of the benefits of pre-natal exercise:

1) Promotes healthy weight gain

2) Improves circulation

3) Improves self-esteem

4) Prevents aches and pains

5) Prevents gestational diabetes

6) Prepares body for childbirth

7) Decreased incidence of postpartum depression

8) Increased energy